Animation Reel

my new personal animation reel!


Ladder test

A ladder animation test with an athletic ending 🙂


Flamethrower – 3d – video – Soup

About the flamethrower: I’ve some problem with my PC. Just 4GB of RAM isn’t enough for “so complex simulation” … 😦 I know, isn’t THAT complex, but I’m trying to reach some good point on that. Because of that I’ve try the SUOP plug in. Actually it’s a suite of procedurals plug-ins for maya and it’s really awesome! Just try it and you’ll see! 😉
Here is the result of  the same simulation already done, upresized with the  uprez node in Soup. Sadly the RAM problem it’s more evident here and my machine stop working at frame 35 …

As always any comment it’s welcome! 🙂